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Mariana from Virginia



from Virginia

Mariana will always keep you laughing. She can crack a fantastic joke and find the humor in anything. Mariana is very girly and fully embraces this characteristic. She is always up on the latest fashion trends and can put together a stellar outfit. Mariana loves shoes, with her favorite style being boots. Mariana loves to go shopping and would love to have a shopping friend who could help her find great deals and new trends. Mariana really enjoys doing make-up and feeling glamorous. Mariana's dream job is to be a pop star. She is always willing to give a car ride concert where you will get a front row ticket to her singing her heart out. She enjoys country, pop, and Christian music and is always able to provide a suggestion for a choice song. She stays current on the gossip of the rich and famous. Mariana loves ice cream but is also very motivated by her decisions of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Mariana has a very playful sass about her that makes her nothing but lovable. Mariana will do best with a family who will be patient with her and provide strong support for her emotional care needs. Mariana is a very smart girl and needs others who are motivated to support her in education.
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