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Samantha from Virginia



from Virginia

Samantha dreams of one day visiting Hawaii. She is drawn to the climate, and the fact that there is not any snow or cold weather. She would love to see the clear water, watch hula dancers perform, and see an actual volcano. Hopefully she will also get a change to visit Disney World someday, as she has never been to an amusement park as amazing as that. Samantha is a very pleasant young lady with a loving nature. She loves animals and being outside. Playing games, inside or outside, is a past time for Samantha. Four Square is her favorite game to play with her friends and family, but really she loves playing any sort of game at all. For instance she gets really excited when attending football games and cheering on her team. She has even developed an interested in becoming a cheerleader. Samantha would like to try playing soccer. If given a chance to practice she thinks she can get pretty good and would then like to try out for a team. A true reader, Samantha feels her favorite story “Twilight” made a better book than a movie. She also spends time drawing, as it helps get her mind off of things and look in a better direction. Samantha has put thought into her future and plans to attend college to become a registered nurse. She wants to be able to help people and offer support when needed. Her generous and bighearted personality drives her to give back.
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