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Sierra from Virginia



from Virginia

Sierra is 12 years old. She excels in many areas, especially in school. You can find her in a corner reading a book. If she isn’t ready a book and it’s a pretty day you can find her and her sister, Savannah playing outside. Sierra is independent young lady. She loves school and her peers. She is a very social and enjoys playing sports. She has played softball, track, and she also thought about joining the wrestling team. She always enjoys a challenge. She is also part of choir in school. She enjoys being in the kitchen and learning new foods to cook. She is always ready for an adventure and always has a smile on her face. Savannah is currently 9 years old. She is sensitive, loving, and sweet. She loves to talk and have the attention of everyone around her. Savannah is always willing to give a helping hand when needed. Savannah possesses a great sense of humor and loves to laugh with others. She enjoys being outside and is an animal lover. She enjoys riding horses. Savannah needs someone who values importance of education and who will push her to do her best. Sierra and Savannah are not willing to be separated. They have two older siblings whom they are close and would like to remain in contact with their siblings. Both girls find pets to be therapeutic to them. They would like to be placed in a home that has any sort of pet(s) regardless the type of pet. Both girls would flourish in a two parent home.
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