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Vallerye from Virginia



from Virginia

Vallerye is a very vibrant but cautious child. Vallerye loves to have fun and be excited and loves receiving support. Vallerye does show caution when meeting new people or experiencing something for the first time. Vallerye is very diverse, her interest include theater, hip hop dance, cheerleading, arts and crafts, fashion design, cooking Spanish dishes, music, movies and animals. Vallerye is not up for much physical activity. Vallerye is still exploring who she truly is as a person and does well when feeling supported through that. Vallerye does wonderful in school. She typically stays on the A-B Honor roll despite how much she may claim not to like school. Vallerye enjoys the interaction with peers her age. Vallerye enjoys reading as well. Vallerye like many other kids enjoy things such as Tik Tok and makeup. Vallerye benefits from guidance on age appropriate dress and activities. Do not hesitate to make this wonderful young lady a part of your forever family.
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