A private foster care agency in California is currently facing allegations that it was negligent in ensuring the safety and well-being of the children placed in its care. Interim Care Foster Family Agency is being sued for “Cash for Kids” abuse. Their website advertises “… apartment, condo or mobile home okay,” but the lawsuit alleges some of these kids, while in foster care, were homeless.

Even more shocking, many of the children in these homes during 2006 to 2013 “suffered ongoing, unrestrained, terror, torture, corporal punishment, physical and mental abuse, and neglect,” according to the lawsuit.

Saleena Galvan, one of the eight former foster children suing the agency, is speaking out. “We’re letting you hear our voices now because we were silent for too long,” she said to Kim Baldonado, reporter for Southern California’s NBC4 News.

Licenses have been revoked by the state for the two foster parents named in the lawsuit. The former foster children believe the agency, also, should lose licensure for their lack of supervision and alleged cover up.

Currently, about 14 states participate in some form of privatization for foster care.