As an adoptive mom, I feel like I have got the best education and insight from birth mothers. These amazing women often have misconceptions about them, and I am on a mission to help debunk some of those because they are some of the best people that I know. Did you know that only 1% of women in unwed pregnancies choose adoption? These are the 1% that I am proud to know and call my friends. This will be an ongoing series of asking questions to real birth moms to educate and hopefully show the world what is really in their hearts. If you are hoping to adopt I would highly recommend that you get to know and become friends with birth moms. It will be one of the best things you can do for your adoption!

Here is the next question in our project:

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What is your biggest fear in adoption?

I don’t fear a thing because I know that it will all turn out the way it is supposed to. – Makena

It used to be of the unknown or losing their love or trust. Now I am secure in all of that. Now I just worry I won’t be what they need, what he needs. That I’ll fail at birth mom, that I’m not equal to what’s required. – Tamra

My biggest fear is never forgiving myself and my son never forgiving me. I fear him acting out because of my decision. I was a difficult child. I hope it’s not genetic. – Lauren

That my child will not accept me and forgive me for choosing placement. – Alysia

My biggest fear was that they would just leave. After 17 years, I know that I have nothing to fear. – Roanne

That I would never find her. – Bridget

My biggest fear is that one day I will lose contact and the little updates I do get. Or that one day he will want nothing to do with me. – Lindsey

I am just worried that she won’t like me when she gets older or want to spend time with me. I worry she will be hurt with my choice. I think everything will work out fine, though. – Lauren

My biggest fear is that she will think I made the wrong decision. I pray and hope she is happy with my decision. – Catarina

[My] biggest fear is that my daughter I placed will have doubts about why I placed her and about how much I love her. – Rachel

My biggest fear was that I would be resented by my daughter for placing her. I’m so blessed and lucky that that’s not the case at all. – Sherri

That she will not choose to know me, or that she will, but she’ll reject or dislike me. – Melanie

My biggest fear is that my birth children will no longer want to continue the relationship that the adoptive couple and I have created. – Jeanie

My biggest fear is that he will resent me or that they will cut me out of his life.  – Shanna

My biggest fear is [that] she hate me when she older. – Margaret

Divorce or death of one of her parents. – Katelyn

That she would never know the truth. – Annette

[My] biggest fear [is] that the two children I placed will hate me for placing them. – Sonya

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What is your biggest fear in adoption?