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Andres from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79431

Andres, who goes by "Andy", wants to be either a police officer or a professional basketball or football player. He describes himself as funny, smart, and athletic. Andy likes to play sports and participate in anything that is active. He enjoys playing games and hanging out with his foster brothers. He plays the French horn in the school band. Andy does not have a favorite subject in school, since he enjoys all of them. He does well in school and is consistently on the A and B honor roll. Church and family are important to him. He gets along great with other kids in the house and relates to older kids the most. Andy enjoys going on outings and playing video games, board games, and computer games. Andy has typical teenage behaviors, such as; not wanting to complete chores, showing more interest in socializing with his friends, and showing an interest in his looks and image.

Andy wants to belong to a traditional family with a mom and a dad or to be with a single dad. He needs a family who understands his feelings and is willing to work on building a relationship, as he has difficulty trusting others right away. His new family will need to have an active father figure since he seems to bond and get along better with men. Andy gets along well with children of all ages and he does not have a preference regarding siblings. He has no issues with pets. Andy is somewhat nervous and reserved about adoption so he might need a longer transition period with his new family. He wants adoptive parents to treat him with respect and for them to attend church on a regular basis. He would also enjoy playing sports with his new family. Andy needs a family who will talk with him when he makes mistakes and guide him to making better choices for himself and his future. Andy wants an adoptive family who will love him and not give up on him.