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Francisco from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82194

Francisco, who likes for people to call him Frankie, is very loyal and kind. He has a lot of friends. Frankie loves to talk and play video games. He also plays sports and paintball. Frankie is funny and makes others smile. He likes to try new things and is a fun-loving youth. Sometimes, Frankie may need additional time to calm down and think things through. Frankie likes to do arts and crafts and play with all kinds of animals. Some of his favorite foods include fried chicken, pizza, and burgers. Frankie has a wish of owning a red Lamborghini one day.

Frankie is looking for a family that is patient and kind. He would like them to be able to spend time with him and do fun things as a family. Frankie considers himself a "momma's boy" and would prefer a forever family that could make this a reality. Frankie would like a family that has a pet and that allows him to indulge in his interests of playing paintball, coloring, and drawing. Frankie?EUR(TM)s family will also encourage participation in some of his favorite activities like football, video games, and basketball, which he likes to do with others.