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Gabriel from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange


Gabriel is a happy little boy who active and loves to climb on things; he is always on the move. Gabriel is curious and inquisitive, and like any child his age, frequently tries to get into things. On occasion, Gabriel can be difficult to redirect when he gets upset. He likes to have a lot of attention. He is usually easily redirected, but also easily distracted. Gabriel is bonded to his siblings as well as to his caregivers, but often prefers to play alone instead of with other children or his siblings. He is still babbling and is not able to say words, but will imitate his sister Cheyenne?EUR(TM)s verbal outbursts. Gabriel is still learning to manage his behaviors and emotions. Gabriel had tubes put in his ears this fall, and his language has showed some improvement since the procedure.

Cheyenne, Michael, and Gabriel are a spunky sibling group that keeps the adults in their lives on their toes. Cheyenne is the eldest and is often called the ?EURoemama bear?EUR of the group. She loves to be the center of attention. Michael is the calmest and the most shy of the three. Baby, Gabriel is a lot like Cheyenne and loves to be the center of attention and is always on the move. Cheyenne, Michael, and Gabriel can be very affectionate and sweet, and enjoy going to church and on family outings. Like any siblings, they have their disagreements and their behavioral may become challenging. They do best with close supervision and redirection. Cheyenne, Michael, and Gabriel participate in supportive services to help address their behaviors.

Cheyenne, Michael, and Gabriel will do best in a two-parent home where they are the only children. Any prospective parents will need to be extremely patient with the children, and able to understand their high need for structure and routine. Cheyenne, Michael, and Gabriel need a family whose schedules will enable them to ensure the children receive any supportive services needed. Prospective parents will also need to understand the importance of engaging in positive reinforcement parenting techniques

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