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Devin from California



from California

Devin is described as a very sweet child; he is very affectionate and enjoys people. Devin thrives in a structured environment with routine activities. He looks forward to going to school and does well in the educational environment. He is very active and likes to play physical activities outdoor, especially climbing trees. Devin’s senses are enlightened by his surroundings; he always finds it fascinating to look at different plants during his walks around the neighborhood. He loves watching TV and movies, and playing with Legos. Devin is not a typical teen; he takes pride in making his own bed and doing laundry. Devin also likes to sing and he doesn’t get tired of singing Jingle Bells and Old McDonald.

Devin will thrive in a home where he can receive a great deal of one-to-one attention. He needs an active family that can keep him busy but also provide stability and structure.

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