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Antonio from DC



from DC

Antonio, who goes by AJ, is an active and energetic eleven year old. AJ loves outdoor activities (i.e., parks, riding his bike). He enjoys going to museums and participating in other fun actives. AJ is humorous and is able to engage in age appropriate discussion and/or play activities with children and adults. He adores pets (cats and dogs) and is happy to assist in taking care of them. AJ is extremely inquisitive and likes to ask a lot of questions if there is a topic of interest. He is skillful at getting his needs met and strongly desires to have a connection with others. He has great leadership skills and would be a good big brother, but would do well with older children also. AJ would benefit from a loving family who is patient, active in the community and can provide structure, plus predictably. A family who is committed, flexible and has an ability to use resources.
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