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Deja from Florida



from Florida

Don't underestimate the love and joy this sweet child could bring to your life. Although she is considered non-verbal, Deja is one of the most communicative people you will encounter. With the help of her expressions, gestures, and certain vocalizations. She loves all kinds of different foods, and never has to be coaxed to eat what's on her plate! Although initially, one may notice her physical challenges, Deja's joy and playful spirit come shining through and leave the lasting impression on all who know her. She attends specialized home school that is able to meet her physical and emotional needs. In addition to school, Deja loves music. Deja loves to pet dogs and interact with other people. Those who know her best feel that she would thrive in a family with other children and pets. She will need a home that can accommodate a wheelchair. Deja will also need a family who has experience with or is open to, and has the time to work with a child who has severe medical needs. Deja has a tremendous personality that is growing brighter every day. She needs a very special family who can claim her as their own!