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Chris from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Chris is a joyful boy who enjoys interacting with others. Despite medical and developmental hurdles, Chris brings joy to those around him. Chris is non-verbal, but this does not keep him from expressing himself through smiles and laughter. He loves it when people talk to him in an upbeat tone of voice and physically interact with him through therapeutic touch and massages. He not only enjoys spending time with others in his residence, but also enjoys going out to community events. When Chris is not spending time with others, his favorite pastimes include playing with textured toys and listening to music. He spends the majority of the day in his wheelchair. However, he does delight in occasional floor time. Chris is in need of caregivers who are flexible, willing to learn, and dedicated to working alongside nursing staff and therapists in order to provide the care that he needs. He also needs a home that can accommodate his medical equipment and supplies, as well as access to transportation that allows him to participate in community outings. Chris is not yet legally free for adoption.
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