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David from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

?I always have a smile on my face! I like making other people smile!? With this positive outlook, you can't help but smile along with David! David radiates joy and his laughter is contagious! David would love to share happy moments with a family who will provide him with the unconditional love and attention he deserves. David is easy going and has a variety of interests. He would love a family who will curl up on the couch to watch movies together or share his love of video games. Not only would David like a family who will challenge him to video games, but he would also like a family who will take him into the great outdoors to explore! Whether it is playing basketball or going camping, David would benefit from a family who would like to create these memories with him! Just imagine sitting by a crackling campfire teaching David to make s'mores! David would make his family laugh with a melted chocolate and marshmallow mustache! David also considers himself to be ?very caring and having good manners.? He is a very thoughtful young man, who is always willing to lend a helping hand. David imagines himself in a family with a dog that he can help feed, play with, and take for walks. David also likes keeping himself busy with a few other interests such as watching car safety videos on YouTube, and playing with cars and trucks. David is very curious and enjoys learning about everything! He also has a special interest in birds and enjoys quiet time reading about birds and coloring pictures of them as well. David looks forward to feeling wanted and loved by a family of his own. Ideally, he would like a home with a single father who is willing to commit to him and provide him with a healthy and stable home life with structure and consistency. He would do best as an only child where he can thrive with individual attention. He deserves a family who will ensure that he receives all the support he needs to thrive and achieve his greatest potential. Parental rights have been terminated for David. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Kayla Emery via telephone or email
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