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Alexa from Texas



from Texas

Alexa is a bright, outgoing, and smart youth. She has the personality to back it up and has no problem sharing her opinion. Alexa is creative and enjoys computers. She enjoys school and her teachers always have great things to say about her. Alexa does not play any sports at this time, but has a strong interest in joining the school soccer team. She is strong minded and determined. Alexa is fun to be around and smart. Like many teens, she occasionally needs reminders to complete her chores, but get them done. She is friendly and outgoing when she feels she belongs as a part of the family.

Alexa will do well with a family who has patience and consistency, and can provide careful supervision. She wants to be adopted, to feel loved, secure, and accepted. Alexa will do best with a family who has children the same age as her or older. Alexa's family will help her explore her gifts and talents and assist her in excelling to her full potential.

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