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Alexander from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a respectful and polite youth. He loves to play football with his friends and hopes to be able to play for his school one day. Michael is a natural explorer, adventurous, and curious about the world around him. He likes to build things and figure out how things work. He would like to be an architect or a gamer in the future. Michael can be shy when first meeting new people. Once he feels comfortable and gains confidence, he is very responsive and communicates well. Michael is independent and a great advocate for himself. Michael is kind, thoughtful, and has plenty of love to give. He has a big heart and cares for those who care for him. Michael is described as a chill, laid back, and even-tempered child.

Michael will work best with a family that is patient, thoughtful, and understanding. His forever family should be patient in guiding him and providing him the opportunity to learn alongside them. Michael is an independent thinker and thrives when given choice and opportunity.

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