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Alexander from Texas



from Texas

Alexander is an active child who enjoys playing games. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is mostly non-verbal. Alexander does very well in school and his teachers have commented on how especially smart he is. He benefits from additional support in the school setting, but he shows an understanding and completes his tasks as asked. Alexander enjoys playing games on his tablet and watching TV. Some of his favorite toys include cars on racetracks and balls. Alexander loves going outside and blowing bubbles. He enjoys watching other children play and laughs when kids are silly around him. Alexander has a beautiful smile and he is always the first to smile when he sees you and take you by the hand to show you something new that has his interest.

Alexander's family will provide a structured and supportive environment for him. They will provide necessary continued supportive services for Alexander. His ideal family will be active as Alexander. They will have an understanding of Alexander's diagnosis and experience with the supportive care Alexander will need.

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