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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is an amiable child who can converse with just about anyone. He has a lot of energy and enjoys playing football and basketball. After school, Angel loves to play video games and build Lego cars. He is very intelligent and insightful and excels at school, as his favorite subjects are Math and Science. He can be considerate and puts others first. Angel volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club and likes to help other students. Angel can always be seen with a smile on his face. He is a great football and basketball player. Angel enjoys various foods and likes to eat as he works out a lot. Angel's favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs. Angel enjoys helping around the home and specifically likes to cut the grass. Angel enjoys spending time outdoors and likes to go swimming on the weekends.

Angel's forever family will be one that is open-minded, patient, loving, considerate, and willing to assist in Angel's emotional, cognitive, and physical development. His family will be willing to educate themselves on community resources, support groups, outreach programs, and any other beneficial resource that will assist in raising, caring, and giving Angel the best family life experience. Angel will benefit from a family that has support from their extended families and have a willingness to accept, love, care, and understand Angel, his needs, and the most effective methods of raising and interacting with Angel. His family will be invested in continuing to improve the quality of his life and always give an endless amount of love and care that every child needs to thrive and succeed in life. Angel would like to maintain his relationship with his siblings.

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