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Anna from Texas



from Texas

Anna is a free spirited teen who values trust and loyalty in her relationships including her caregivers. She loves art, drawing, and listening to music. She spends her free time with her friends and drawing designs. She also loves a good backyard BBQ. Anna dreams of being an artist as an adult and wants to attend an art school after graduating high school. She values family and is connected to biological family and is eager to build a bond with her adoptive family that will be supportive of her biological family relationships. Anna also takes pride in her ethnic heritage and race. She enjoys participating in activities that support this including music, dance, art, lessons in hair styles, fashion, and history. Anna's tagline that she is unique, smart, and bold couldn't be more true.

Anna's forever family will be energetic and enjoys music. Her family will enjoy community events and will attend and support her in activities. Anna's caregivers will allow her to vent her frustrations without offense and will provide a nurturing home. Her forever family will be open to continued biological family relationships.

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