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Armani from Texas



from Texas

Armani is a quiet child who prefers to keep to himself. He is a lovable child and will show love to others when he chooses to. He loves the color red and is drawn to all toys of that color. While playing with his toys, he enjoys watching SpongeBob. Armani does have several medical diagnoses that will require attention. Despite that, he is able to participate in certain family activities, as long as there is not too much stimulation. He doesn't talk too much, but can repeat words if he's asked to say something. He has recently learned how to shake hands with others.

Armani will do best in a family with strong role models. Armani is in need of a family who will provide him with structure and guidance on a daily basis until he reaches adulthood. The ideal family will love Armani unconditionally, and ensure he has a successful life and promising future. Armani needs a family who will give him the love, nurturing and support that every child needs. Armani will be a wonderful addition to any family who is looking to adopt.

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