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Ayriannah from Texas



from Texas

Ayriannah is an active child who loves spending time with her sisters and friends. She loves taking pictures and playing with her toys. She enjoys watching movies and doing arts and crafts with her sisters. Ayriannah loves watching cartoons, playing outside and with her dolls. Ayriannah is smart and she loves having all the attention to herself. She likes it when things go her way, like many children her age. Ayriannah loves copying her sister and other children when they play. She eats and sleeps well. Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, French fries, and chips. Ayrianna does very well with children of all ages and enjoys making others happy.

Ahmira, Alease, and Ayrianna are sisters who are very attached to each other. The younger girls look up to their eldest sister, Ahmira. Ahmira can be very active and energetic. She is has a friendly personality and all of the children love having fun. Alease is friendly and soft spoken. Ayriannah is smart and she loves having all the attention to herself. The sisters exhibit normal sibling behaviors, such as arguing back and forth about toys. Ahmira is very protective of her younger siblings. She attempts to redirect Alease and Ayrianna when they are misbehaving. They often give hugs to each other, play board games, and watch TV together. The siblings love going on outings, shopping, and meeting new people.

Ayriannah will do well in a safe, consistent, predictable and nurturing environment. Her forever family will be patient, loving, and nurturing. Her family will make her feel safe and secure. The family will ensure that she receives any services she requires. This includes being an effective advocate for her educational and needs in the future. She will need a family to provide supervision, praise, and encouragement. She deserves a family who will love her unconditionally and be committed to encourage her to become all she can be. Ayriannah would like to continue to live in Texas.

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