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Benjamin from Texas



from Texas

Benjamin is a typical preteen, adventurous and independent, but also loving and affectionate. He is a very intelligent and unique child. He loves legends or stories of people overcoming big odds and even feels a kinship to this sentiment in his young life. He loves to be outside in nature and enjoys camping and fishing. He is a big fan of graphic novels and identifies with characters that face adversity but triumph with grit and determination. He wants to be successful and wants to be the hero of his own story. He knows it takes love and support to accomplish that in his life and wants a supportive forever home that can help him to be the successful young man that he is already on the road to becoming.

Benjamin's forever family will be loving, patient, and kind family who is willing to work hands on with him and support him in order to help him meet his fullest potential. His would be best suited in a family with older siblings who can lead by example. He needs a family that can help him through the middle school and high school years and to develop as a decent young man that he is on the road to becoming. He will do best in a more traditional two parent home but is also open to a non-traditional home. He needs a family that likes the outdoors and but that could help him explore his interests including video games and Naruto (Japanese style comic books). He needs a family that likes animals (dogs, cats, etc.). Benjamin is fun loving and likes to joke around and needs a family that can be light hearted as well.

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