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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a wonderfully imaginative youth who is eager to charm his way into your heart and home. He is gifted with a creative flare and an exuberant joy for life. Christopher has a bubbly personality and is always ready to tell a joke. He is thinking about becoming a policeman when he grows up. He also has kicked around the idea of being a millionaire or simply an everyday superhero. Christopher is outgoing with a kind heart and infectious personality. He is well-mannered, respectful, and polite to those around him. He can also be very open in expressing his feelings and emotions. Christopher is helpful and resourceful, although he may need occasional encouragement and time to self-reflect. He loves being outdoors and enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Christopher also enjoys superheroes, watching cartoons of the past, and playing video games. He loves the Spanish culture and his favorite food is spinach. He can be very persistent in his desires, which shows his determination. He is creative and full of imagination. Christopher has recently become interested in lifting weights. Whether inside or out, Christopher will always find a way to have a good time! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Christopher will do well with a family who can provide him with the attention and supervision he needs and desires. Christopher will benefit from a well-structured and nurturing home environment that will provide him with stability, patience, and love. He enjoys being around and receiving attention from those for whom he cares, so it's important that his forever family is able to provide him with the love and attention he so longs for. Christopher can be bold and adventurous. A committed family with an active lifestyle, who enjoys being involved in activities outside the home and in the community, will be ideal.

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