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Dallas from Texas



from Texas

Dallas is very talkative but reserved. He will greet you with a hug. He is sociable and friendly. He wants to play soccer and football. He loves riding his bike. He is on the go most of the time. He is funny and silly. He has his challenges, but with support and redirection, he has learned how to work through most of them. He loves to eat. He likes going to restaurants. He enjoys going on adventures, trying new things and visiting new places. He participates in school and does well with following the rules. During the warm months, he enjoys swimming.

Dallas' forever family will be patient and committed to loving him. His forever family will be understanding, supportive, and will nurture his interests. His forever family will encourage him to pursue activities that interest him. His forever family will go to his games and give praise. His forever family will be able to take care of his needs and provide consistency in a nurturing and highly structured loving environment. His forever family will provide security and be committed to caring for him. He is an affectionate child who would benefit from a family that is sensitive and would listen to his issues and stories. His forever family will love him and help them feel safe.

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