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Daniel from Texas



from Texas

Daniel is a happy teenager with a wonderful smile who has an out-going personality. He is not shy and loves sharing with others all the things he likes. He loves sports and helping out his family. He prefers to do these kind of activities with someone else, especially an adult with whom he trusts. He is very active and plans on being involved in school sports. He loves playing at the park or doing other outdoor activities. Daniel does great in school and makes good grades. He is bright and catches on to things quickly. At times, he needs assistance maintaining his focus in the classroom. He responds well to positive reinforcement and redirection. He is proud of himself when he makes good choices. Daniel is an engaging youngster who will need time to trust and bond with his forever family.

Noah, Daniel, and Jacob are active, outdoorsy, intelligent, and funny children who want to be loved by their adoptive family. Noah is the oldest and would like a family that will be supportive of him as he transitions to adulthood and pursues his dream of becoming an artist. Daniel is the middle child and wants to be loved and given opportunities to explore his future. He is interested in pursuing sports and wants to be a doctor. Jacob is the youngest of the group and wants a family that does things together. He loves all sports, but his favorite is basketball. All the children want a family that will love them, through good times and bad. They all have a great sense of humor and an easy-going outlook on their futures. They are hoping to find a wonderful family together. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Daniel is open to a family with either one or two parents. He will do best in a family that can help him learn how to be a child. He will benefit from strong parental figure role models. The ideal family will be one that is active in family activities and spends a fair amount of time engaged in outings and events outside the home. With his love of sports, it will be beneficial for Daniel to have parents or other siblings that share his interest. Daniel will do very well in a family who is consistent with their discipline and patient with him while he adjusts to a new setting. Daniel has two siblings and they will do best in a home where they are the only children. He will benefit from receiving attention and care to help him find his interests, as he sometimes assumes a caretaker role when he is around his brothers. Daniel wishes to have a family for himself and his siblings. Daniel is bonded to his siblings and likes to be where they are.

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