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Darius from Texas



from Texas

Darius is an active teenager who enjoys being outdoors and playing sports. His favorite sports are basketball and football. His favorite team is the Houston Texans, and he can be seen wearing their memorabilia. Darius also enjoys playing video games and has no specific preference on genres of games. He is very intelligent and likes to share his perspective with others. At times, he has difficulty focusing on his class work, however once it comes down to it, he knows the information. Darius loves to eat pizza and any kind of candy, but he is not considered a picky eater. He makes friends easily at school and is a great communicator. When Darius notices something out of the norm, he asks questions to understand why. Darius is quick witted and quick on his feet.

Darius will do best in a family who is committed to his long-term wellbeing. His ideal family will be patient and understanding. The family should be trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention in order to better understand the root cause of behaviors. Darius would like to maintain contact with his younger brother, who is not a part of this adoption, his forever family should be supportive of this relationship. He will thrive in a family who is very active and encourages him to be physically active.

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