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David from Texas



from Texas

David is a very caring and smart child. He can be reserved at times, but quickly warms up to strangers. David can also be inquisitive and direct at times. He enjoys cartoons and playing games. David and his brother, Zydae, are very close and share a strong bond with each other. David enjoys the company of his brother and likes playing games with him. He also likes to be helpful. Some of David best activities is riding his bike, playing basketball, running or anything outdoors. In addition, David will benefit from a family who will encourage and be patient with him. He responds well to redirection. He would like a family that is consistent, loving, outgoing and has a stable home for him and his brother.

Zydae and David are close and they enjoy each other's company. They are very defensive of each other and ensuring that their bond is in tact. They love to play outside and come up with silly games. Zydae and David enjoy the fact that they are rooming together and understand they must share. They love to laugh and play around with one another. They want to be adopted together, as they are very attached to each other. David and Zydae play well together and rarely argue or fight with one another. They are very protective and defensive of each other, ensuring their bond remains intact. David and Zydae love to play outside and create silly games. They enjoy sharing a room together and understand they need to share.

David and Zydae would like a stable family that provides them with security and love. Zydae and David wish to have a home and a family that mentors, encorages and loves them unconditionally. Zydae and David love to laugh and play around with one another. Both Zydae and David have a very open outlook to being adopted and finding a stable home and family. They want to find a family that can love them for who they are and care for them even when times get tough.

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