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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Destiny is an intelligent youth. She excels in her education and receives high grades on her report cards. Destiny isn't sure yet what she is interested in studying in the future, but as of now, her favorite subject is math. Being on the A&B honor roll, putting together puzzles, and playing with yo-yo's are some things Destiny enjoys. She also likes to be outside and wants to be adventurous. Destiny feels she wasn't able to enjoy her childhood fully and believes it is the reason she now finds joy in simple toys or games, such as dolls, board games, and puzzles. She loves listening to music, she is diverse in her tastes and likes to sing and dance to country, pop, and rap music. Destiny loves expressing herself with her creativity, she especially favors showing her art skills with acrylic paint. Destiny loves her sister immensely and really shows her happiness when they are together.

Destiny and Maria are a pair of sisters who have a loving a fun connection. When they are together, they're continuously laughing and enjoying each other's company. They are goofy and happy when they get to spend time with one another, and they find ways to keep themselves entertained and don't need materialistic items. Destiny and Maria are very grateful for the things they are given and for what they have. The sisters love each other and are very protective over one another. Both girls love to try new things and want to have new experiences together, going to arcades, sports games, visit local attractions, etc. Maria is more outgoing and prides herself in her big personality, while Destiny is a bit shy at first though her confidence comes out slowly with time. Maria definitely brings Destiny out of her shell, which in turn allows Destiny to display her bright and shiny personality which many people do not get to see.

Destiny would like a forever family who is accepting of her and will love and support her for who she is. She is exploring and learning more about herself as she matures, she wants a family who are open minded and understanding. Destiny wants more than anything to be adopted with her sister. She would like a two-parent home, preferably with few other children or only her sister and her. Destiny likes to be outside and would love a family who encourages and helps her find new adventures and activities to be involved in.

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