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Devon from Texas



from Texas

Devon is a youth with a fun and outgoing personality! He enjoys being playful and making jokes. His laugh is contagious, and he has a big smile that can light up the whole room! Devon loves Pokemon cards and playing video games. He is a HUGE fan of Five Nights at Freddy's. Devon also loves to read, play chess, and collect Legos. He is very talented at drawing. Devon's favorite sports are football and basketball. He also enjoys being outdoors and some of his favorite outdoor activities include riding bikes, swimming, and playing with animals. Devon is very smart and loves to ask questions. He is detail oriented and likes for things to be done the way he likes it. Devon has a big imagination. He would love to be a YouTuber when he gets older.

Devon wants a loving family who is playful. He hopes to join a family with caring parents and to have siblings. Devon says he is ready to have a forever family! He will benefit from a family who is understanding and patient to help him transition into young adulthood.

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