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Devon from Texas



from Texas

Devon is an energetic, creative, and fun young boy. He has a big, bright smile that he flashes often. His face lights up when he has a chance to talk about things that interest and excite him. Devon loves all things superhero! He enjoys drawing superheroes and watching superhero movies and shows. Devon has a high energy level. Some of the many activities he enjoys include drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and going to church. Devon is practicing using these activities to cope when he becomes upset. He can be easily distracted at times, and he sometimes acts before thinking. Devon benefits from additional support in school. However, he is bright and makes good grades. Devon says he is "ready for a happy family to play with." Visit me at the The Greater Wichita Falls Area Heart Gallery.

Devon is ready for a family to love him! The things he wants most in a family are happy parents. He would also like to live with a "superhero family." Devon needs a family who is structured and patient. His family will offer guidance, supervision, and unconditional love. Devon's family will help him express his emotions in safe, healthy ways. His family will offer healthy outlets for his creativity. Devon will do best in a home without dogs and cats, as he is allergic to them.

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