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Dumaurier from Texas



from Texas

Dumaurier , who goes by "Sean" can be kind, friendly, and respectful. He is shy but can be a very witty teenager. He enjoys outdoor activities and would like to learn how to fly a plane. His future goal is to go into the air force. He enjoys nerf gun war and fishing. If you ask him what his 3 wishes are, he would say, to have 10 million dollars, own a car and have a good paying job. Sean is very persistent and plans to get the most out of life. If he sets his mind to something, he is going to find a way to achieve it. Sean is very outgoing but can also easily entertain himself with things such as video games or his Rubik's cube. Sean would love to live in the country where he can fish and hunt. He also dreams of living near a lake.

Sean stated he wants someone who lives in the wilderness, preferably by a lake. He would like to have a brother or two. He'd especially like to have an older brother "to teach him to do stuff." He stated that it doesn't matter if it is a one or two parent family. His forever family will be patient, loving, nurturing, and very attentive. He would like to be a part of a family who travels and explores new things would also benefit Sean. It would be best for Sean to have a family that has a positive male role model and someone Sean could look up to. Sean would prefer a family that lives in Texas.

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