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Dumaurier from Texas



from Texas

Damaurier, who goes by "Sean", is a shy boy who opens up once he gets to know you. He is respectful and has good manners. Sean is a sweet and kind youth who craves attention and just wants a family to call his own. Sean likes cars, growing things, and loves to draw and paint. He has an outstanding memory. Sean knows all types of cars and will talk with you about them any chance he gets. He especially loves fast sports cars. Sean likes to be outdoors and enjoys fishing and camping. Sean prefers small group interaction over large groups. He enjoys board games and loves listening to music. Sean needs time to adjust to a new environment and changes in his daily schedule. Sean has so much to offer a family with his kind nature towards others.

Sean is best suited for a family who has structure and can provide consistent routine along with careful supervision. His family will spend individual time with him and access the resources he needs. There is no sibling preference or need for continued contact with family members and no preference for Sean to remain in Texas.