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Eddie from Texas



from Texas

Eddie is a sweet and caring teenage boy. He gets along well with others and tries to be polite and friendly. Eddie describes himself as someone who is independent, friendly and enjoys sports. He is currently wanting to find a part time job and work on getting his drivers' license so he can eventually get a car! In his free time, he enjoys playing video game. He loves sports and attending football games. He also enjoys going to the mall on weekends to watch movies. He is a big Dallas Cowboys fan and hopes to one day attend a game! Eddie works very hard in school. He is still not sure if he wants to attend college, but he is highly motivated and wants to graduate high school. Although Eddie is unsure of his exact path for the future, he is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Eddie's forever family will be one that is patient with him and committed to supporting him in all of his life goals. Eddie would love if his future family had a dog who he can help take care of and play with. Eddie is doing well in school and his family will need to continue to encourage him to make his education a priority. He loves sports and would love a family that is also into sports as he hopes to attend a Dallas Cowboys football game with his future family! Eddie gets along with other children and would do well with siblings in the home. He would benefit from a strong male figure in the home. Eddie is unsure of his future endeavors and needs a family that will support him in whichever career he chooses to purse.

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