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Emanuel from Texas



from Texas

Emanuel is a loving child, who is active and likes having fun and being silly. He has a wide variety of interests. He likes Rap music, art (coloring, drawing, and painting), as well as cooking and trying new recipes. He likes eating out at restaurants, especially at buffets like the Golden Corral. He also enjoys playing video games, and sports like Basketball and Football. He really likes Football and want to play professionally someday. He can have good days and bad days; however, he is learning good ways of managing his emotions and his behaviors and continued supportive services will beneficial.

Emanuel's forever family will be a nice family with a mom and a dad. He is open to any ethnicity. He would like to be in San Antonio area and be the only child in the home. He wants a family that is into sports, especially football. His forever family will be an active family who goes to a lot of places. He would like to live in the city or the suburbs. His forever family will provide him with a loving structured home environment, are patient, and supportive.

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