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Esperanza from Texas



from Texas

Esperanza, who prefers to go by Violet, has a love for arts and crafts. She enjoys going to the museum and could spend all learning and reviewing all the exhibits. She also loves to read about art but would rather experience art firsthand. She wants to live in a city that has an art district. She also enjoys spending time inside painting and drawing. When outside, Violet likes to spend her time painting murals. Her goals are to attend college and to be accepted into an art school to become an artist. Violet enjoys school and learning and is proud of her accomplishments. Learning new painting techniques are very important to her. Other activities Violet enjoys are going to the movies and skating. She describes herself as very quiet and shy but warms up easily. She is a true believer that rules are meant to be followed.

Violet's forever family that will provide her with stability. Her family will support her love for painting and artistry. Violet wants to be loved and cared for forever. She would like a family that lives in the city so that she will be close to cultural events or art exhibits. She does likes cats and likes to care for animals. Her ideal family would include 2 moms, a mom and dad or a single mom.

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