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Esperanza from Texas



from Texas

Esperanza likes to be called Violet. She loves arts and crafts. Violet really enjoys going to museums and loves to read about art. She would spend all day at an art museum if she could. When home, she likes to be inside painting and drawing. Learning new painting techniques is very important to her. She wants to attend college to become an artist but has not chosen a college yet. She likes to go to school and does make good grades. Her favorite classes to attend are art and english class. Violet loves most food, but she especially loves sweets. She sometimes likes to hang out with friends but mostly likes her quiet time. Violet will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Violet's family forever will provide stability for her. Her family will support her love for painting and artistry. Violet would like to be apart of a traditional or non-traditional family. Violet wants to be loved and cared for forever. She does likes cats.

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