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Ethan from Texas



from Texas

Say hello to Ethan. He has a very creative and artistic mind. Ethan likes to practice doing his make-up and his hair and nails during his free time. Ethan is creative and enjoys writing songs, and plays, and creating cosplays. He also enjoys playing Pokemon and watching anime with his peers. Ethan loves attending and is very active in school. He loves attending school and works with his teachers to ensure his grades are where they need to be. Ethan is engaged in learning the material at school and enjoys playing in a band. He has expressed interest in being in choir and possibly theatre as well. Ethan wants to participate in new activities within the community to learn what his interests are. He has stated that he would like to go to cosmetology to do hair, nails, and make-up for a living when he is older. He has also expressed his desire to become a social media influencer. Ethan's personality is quiet until you get to know him, and he will open up. He likes to be social, make friends and participate in community events. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Ethan's forever family will be one that is accepting of him exploring his identity. He would do best in a two-parent household as he desires to be adopted by two fathers. However, he is open to either two mothers or a mother and father. Ethan will thrive by being the only child in the home or in a home that is able to provide him with the individual attention he needs. He will flourish with a family who encourages him to express himself.

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