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Gia from Texas



from Texas

Gia is a happy and friendly child who loves others. She enjoys playing with others, stuffed animals, shopping, puppies, and purses. Gia's communication skills and life skills continue to improve. She is able to utilize coping skills that she has developed with the assistance of her caregivers to remain calm in situations that are disruptive or uncomfortable for her. Gia is very sweet and likes to give big hugs to the people she knows and is comfortable around. She is verbal and able to communicate her thoughts and needs. Gia has a close relationship with her older sister and enjoys spending time with her and speaking with her on the phone. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Gia will benefit from being placed with a patient and understanding family. Gia requires constant supervision and structure to ensure her safety and well-being. A family who uses positive reinforcement will benefit Gia. Her ideal family will be academically involved and allow her to socialize and participate in supervised activities to help build her social skills and develop positive and healthy relationships. Providing Gia with choices, rather than telling her to correct her behavior will allow her the opportunity to experience positive interactions with others. Gia's family will continue sibling visits and phone contact with her sister, who is placed in Texas.

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