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Haley from Texas



from Texas

Haley is a sweet, loving, and quiet child with a contagious smile. She is the youngest of her siblings so she often mimics her siblings vocally and physically. Haley can be shy at first but opens up once she's comfortable. She is working on improving her social interactions with her peers by learning new coping skills. She enjoys one on one time with adults and mostly just wants undivided attention. She enjoys most things a younger child might such as Barbies and dolls. She enjoys being outside and anything that involves art. She likes to be adventurous on her own time and she is always up for a new activity. She is willing to participate in any new activities and likes to keep busy. Haley would like to be adopted with her siblings and will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Austin, Harley, Kaley, Haley care deeply for one another. As a group they face challenges with a positive attitude and continue to seek a bright future. They collectively love animals and hope that they can have them in the future. This sibling group hopes for a forever family that will love and cherish them. They enjoy spending time together but enjoy having their own individual time and attention as well. They enjoy sports and outdoor activities. They would love opportunities to have more experiences. The sisters will enjoy being active and both have individual things that they enjoy. Kaley tends to be more focused on sports, and Haley likes to play with dolls or trying things her siblings are doing. The brothers both love sports and bond over this. Harley is generally laid back and enjoys his activities. This sibling group would do well having chances to enjoy their favorite activities and share this experience with others.

Haley's forever family will help her with her intellectual and academic needs. Haley would do best having a room to herself as she and her sisters don't do well in a shared space. Her family will be active and encourage her to find activities that she enjoys.

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