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  Hamiso from Texas



from Texas

Hamiso is a very energetic, curious, determined, and loving child. She enjoys being the center of attention. She enjoys playing outside at the park and playing with her toys. She also likes going shopping for clothes. Hamiso makes good grades at school. She likes to dance, listen to music, and play with her friends. She also likes to spend time with her siblings and go out to eat dinner together. Hamiso loves playing with babies and making them smile. She likes all kinds of food and will try just about anything. Hamiso is really close to her sister, Bahati, and looks up to her for advice.

Dunia, Luhizo, Bahati, and Hamiso are fairly typical children. They are bonded with each other and have a wonderful relationship. They obviously love each other and their sibling relationship is important to them. This fabulous foursome loves animals, but especially bunnies. They love the outdoors, going on vacations, and going on new adventures together. They like going to the park and climbing the trees and just spending time together. All of the children are very smart and enjoy school. They each have goals in life and hope to accomplish them. Dunia, Luhizo, Bahati, and Hamiso are looking forward to vacations with their forever family.

Hamiso will benefit from a family that lives in the area where she currently resides or within close proximity. She wants a family that will provide her with unconditional love, structure, nurturing, and appropriate discipline. She wants to have animals in the home. She prefers bunnies, but is fine with any kind of animal. Hamiso prefers for the family to have dogs, so she can play with them. She would like to have a young child or baby in the home, along with her siblings. Hamiso would like to have her own room, so she doesn't have to share with anyone. She would like to have a mom and a dad. Hamiso would like a family that enjoys spending time together.

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