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Hamiso from Texas



from Texas

Hamiso is a very energetic, curious, determined, and loving girl. She enjoys being the center of attention. Hamiso loves playing with babies and doing things to make them smile. She has aspirations of continuing her education and love for children with a degree in nursing or teaching. She enjoys being outside at the park, going to the outdoor mall to wallk, and will never turn down an opportunity to have her hair and nails done. She also loves shopping for clothes. Hamiso makes friends easily and generally does well in school. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, and spending time with her friends. She describes herself as outgoing, funny, smart, bold courageous, brave and loving. She is an adventurous eater who likes all kinds of foods and will try just about anything. Family is very important to Hamiso and she is extremely loyal to those she trusts. Hamiso hopes to find her forever and place to call home throughout her life.

Hamiso will benefit from a family who lives in the area where she currently resides as she does still keep in touch with her siblings. She wants a family who will love her unconditionally and she needs a structured, nurturing environment with appropriate discipline. She wants to have animals in the home. Hamiso prefers for the family to have dogs, so she can play with them. She also prefers bunnies, but is fine with any kind of pet. She wants a family who is committed to helping her maintain ties with all her siblings, as she is very close to them. Hamiso would like to have her own room, so she doesn't have to share with anyone. She would like to have a mom and a dad. Hamiso would like a family who enjoys spending time doing activities together.

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