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Itzhel from Texas



from Texas

Itzhel is a typical teenage girl who likes to hang out with her friends. She enjoys school and she does well academically. She is shy at first but after she gets to know you, she opens up and is very personable. She enjoys fashion and enjoys dressing up. She is a girly girl who likes to paint her nails and do her makeup. Itzhel is multi-faceted and has a passion for sports and likes to play basketball. She is on the school basketball team where she enjoys playing a team sport and representing her school. Itzhel also likes to bowl and roller skate. She enjoys going out and exploring new places. She enjoys the great outdoors. She enjoys listening to music and likes to listen to the latest artists. She likes movies, especially comedies. She loves to eat cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese and is not a picky eater. Itzhel is very caring and has a lot of love to give.

Itzhel would thrive in both a one parent and two parent household. Itzhel's forever family will provide a structured home with a regular schedule with designated time for homework as well as a designated time for "fun". Itzhel's family will be a loving home as she has a lot of love to give. She has a lot of energy and loves to stay busy with activities such as basketball and sports. Itzhel's family will encourages her extracurricular activities and would be there to root her on. Itzhel would love to have his own room one day as well as a forever family.

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