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Jackson from Texas



from Texas

Jackson is a young man who loves to learn and help people. He enjoys conversation and being around, and spending time with others. Jackson is a voracious reader and loves Harry Potter books. He is a helpful child who takes it upon himself to clean or fix things that he sees as wrong or messy. Although he enjoys company, he enjoys his private time as well. He is a loving child who greets friends with a hug. Jackson is on the Autism Spectrum but is extremely high functioning. He has no problem communicating with others and caring for himself. He is extremely organized and likes to keep his belongings and things around his home clean and in order. Jackson has no issues keeping up with his chores and responsibility as he enjoys doing his part to help his family. Jackson loves science, literature, and technology, as well as, anime and board games. He is an infectiously upbeat and loving young man who calls to check up on how you are doing and to see if your day is going well. Jackson will bring a lot of love, compassion, and joy to your family.

Jackson would do well with a family who shares similar interests. When it is time to read and have some quiet time, he will thrive. When it is family time activities, he will equally thrive. His forever family will foster his interests so that he may explore them further. His forever family will provide attention at home and with his schoolwork. His family will provide a structured environment that will still allow him to be himself. He enjoys order and cleanliness and has a disdain for chaos and disorder. Jackson can get frustrated but is easily redirected, and if things do not go as planned, he is very understanding if the reasons for change are explained to him. Jackson would benefit from a two-parent home either by himself or with older children.

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