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Jamal from Texas



from Texas

Jamal is playful and like to have fun. He is very nice and friendly with others. He can be shy and guarded in regards to his emotions. Jamal does get along great with both his peers and adults. He is funny, helpful, and hardworking. He is very active and loves to participate in sports. Jamal looks up to his brother Willis in sport and academics. Jamal will often try to dress like Willis, as he looks up to him. Jamal loves track, football, and basketball. Jamal has been individually selected by local football coaches to join their 7-on-7 football team, in which he remains very skilled and dedicated towards. His favorite foods are smores cereal and pepperoni pizza. Jamal will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Willis loves to eat chili and nachos, Antwanette loves to eat chicken and dumplings, and Jamal loves to eat smores cereal and pepperoni pizza. while, each of the children have different favorite foods, they do enjoy eating as a family. Each child is fun and playful and love all types of sports. The children enjoys spending time with each other while playing sports. The children favorite sports are basketball, track, and football. Each love to run track and play as family. The brothers enjoy hanging out and spending time together. Willis has taken over the position of being the oldest sibling and role model for his brother and sister. Willis' siblings look up to Willis in both sport and academic settings. Antwanette is outgoing and enjoys hanging with both brothers. Jamal will often try to dress like Willis, as he looks up to him. The children desire to be a part of a family who is sports oriented. In addition, the children create a encouraging and positive environment for each other. Therefore, the children desire a family that will be positive and help them achieve their aspirations.

Jamal's forever family will be sports-oriented and will practice football with him. Jamal's forever family will be patient, nurturing. His forever family will work with him to ensure that he feels safe and that his needs will be met.

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