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Jasmine from Texas



from Texas

Jasmine is a very sweet and active youth. She loves to be working out, dancing, or running. She has a happy personality about her and loves lending a hand in whatever you may need help with. When outdoors, Jasmine likes to ride her bike, skate, and participate in other physical activities. During her down time, she likes watching movies, listening to music, singing, or hanging out with her friends. One of her favorite subjects in school is math. Some of her favorite foods are boneless wings, Mexican food, and pizza. She would not mind learning more about cooking and has shown an interest in this hobby. Overall, Jasmine is a resilient child who won't give up on life or herself.

Jasmine will be better suited to be a part of a smaller forever family. She does not want to be overlooked in the shuffle of things and loves receiving the individual attention she craves. Jasmine would love to be an older sister and would not mind younger siblings in the home. She would like to be a part of a family who participates in fun activities which she enjoys. Jasmine has stated that she would be okay with a family who participates in church activities as well, as she has strong Christian beliefs and values.

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