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Jaydan from Texas



from Texas

Jaydan is a really inquisitive young individual who wants to do it all. He is super upbeat and full of energy and loves to talk. He is creative and enjoys making things such as miniature houses and other creations. Jaydan enjoys fishing, nature walks, and just being outdoors. He enjoys collecting coins, antique watches, and rocks. He enjoys watching funny videos on YouTube. Jaydan has a dry sense of humor and likes cracking jokes whenever possible. He does well in school and makes good grades, but states that he does not enjoy math. He values family and wants to remain connected to his family after adoption, as this is most important to him. Jaydan takes a bit of time to warm up to new people, but once he gets to know you he is very open and will happily share his dreams for his future. He wants to be an actor and operate his own small business. He will often lookup ideas and seek advice on how he can get it started. Jaydan is a well-rounded teenager who has a desire to explore and live life to the fullest.

Jaydan's forever family will be loving and supportive. Jaydan would benefit from a two parent household that can devote attention to him. He would benefit from a strong male role model. Jaydan desires a home in which he has a loving maternal figure.

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