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Jerod from Texas



from Texas

Jerod is smart as a whip and makes high grades in school. He likes to stay busy and would rather play outside than watch TV. He currently wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He excels in science and math. With encouragement and direction, Jerod appears to have the aptitude to pursue studies in the fields of engineering and physics. He enjoys playing basketball and swimming. Anything he decides to pursue, he pursues wholeheartedly. He has a fantastic memory which is described as being photographic. He can watch a lawnmower undergo maintenance and then carry out what he has observed. He is extraordinarily detail-oriented. Jerod would rather be outside riding bikes than watching movies inside. He always likes to be busy and enjoys helping with tasks. He likes to clean and always wants to help mow. Jerod is calm, collected, and logical.

Jerod's forever family will offer him unconditional love and affection. His forever family will offer him the structure and support he needs in order to be successful. Jerod's family will demonstrate patience and make his dreams of having a forever family come true. His family will have a laidback parenting style with options for flexibility in the schedule. The ideal parenting style will be calm, neutral, and have a relaxed demeanor. Jerod's family will ensure any needed services are coordinated with his school. The ideal family will ensure that the appropriate behavioral and therapeutic supports are available for Jerod as he will need individual therapy during the transitional period. The ideal family would be willing to engage in family therapy with Jerod in order to learn appropriate parenting techniques that work best for Jerod.

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