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Jesus from Texas



from Texas

Jesus is a friendly, sweet, and soft-spoken child with a large imagination. He has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jesus enjoys playing various video games and playing outside. He loves to play with various toys, such as Legos, and making arts and crafts projects at school. Jesus is very artistic; he can entertain himself for long periods of time drawing pictures and reading books. He enjoys watching movies and playing video games such as Super Mario Maker, Among Us, and Godzilla. Jesus does well in school and his teachers report that he is very helpful in the classroom. He attends Boys and Girls club after school where he has been given a role as a junior assistant, which requires various responsibilities. He has gained confidence in himself socially and has begun interacting with his peers more.

Jesus and Federico are an energetic and fun sibling group who care for each other deeply. Jesus is the older of the two brothers. They both loves to play video games, read books, and practice his artistic skills. Federico, the younger brother, at times has trouble staying focused on tasks. He will benefit from having a family who can provide him frequent attention. Federico is learning to become a bit more responsible with preparing his own plate and having more chores. Both brothers are interested in the same video games, cartoons, and enjoy playing outside. The boys have a close connection and care for each other deeply. Though, like any siblings, they occasionally have rivalries. At times, Jesus can become overwhelmed with Federico as his energy can exhaust him. Jesus would like to be able to do activities on his own and not always be included with his brother. Jesus does best when given the space to have time for himself and regroup his thoughts and energy. The children love to travel and look forward to experiencing new places.

Jesus will do best with a loving mother and father who will be accepting of him. He has enjoyed being given small responsibilities in the home and he will benefit from a family who helps his independence grow. He cares for his younger brother as well, however, he has enjoyed having his own space. Jesus will benefit from a family who is able to provide him with the individual attention he needs. The best fit for Jesus will be a family who will encourage him to participate in activities within his community and guide him with small tasks to help prepare him as he grows.

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