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  Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose Alfredo likes to go by the name of Freddy. He is way more talkative than his twin brother, Jose Adrian. Jose Alfredo loves playing chess with his siblings. He enjoys chess tournaments and has a collection of trophies to prove it! Jose Alfredo is very smart! He really enjoys numbers and is always looking at how money is spent, and how money can be earned as well. Jose Alfredo hopes to one day be an accountant. He is very close to all of his siblings. Jose Alfredo is very loving, and affectionate. He has a very sweet personality and easily gets along with others. Jose Alfredo shows a particular bond with his twin brother Jose Adrian, and is the nurturing one between the two. Don?EUR(TM)t let the similar faces fool you; these sweet twins have their own unique personality. Jose Alfredo is a bit apprehensive about being placed for adoption, but his biggest dream is to be together with his siblings as a family.

Joanna, Jessy, Jesus, Alfredo, Adrian, and Micaela are all genuinely sweet children. They get along well with each other and struggle with living in separate homes. They dream about belonging to a family and living together. Joanna relishes in taking care of her younger brother, Jesus. She likes to play video games with him and will run around outside in the park with him just to see him smile at her. Joanna's favorite sport is basketball and she plays it very well. Jesus enjoys playing with children his age. He loves to be the center of attention. Jessy loves visiting with Joanna and Jesus. He is very loving, and the big brother of the group. Jessy is very protective, and wishes to be together as a family. Jose Alfredo and Jose Adrian have the closest relationship of the group as they are twins. They have similar interest, and both love playing chess, participating in tournaments, playing video games, and doing things as a family. Alfredo is the more talkative and outgoing of the twins, while Adrian is more shy and quiet. Micaela is the baby of the group and loves being the center of attention. Joanna and Jesus take advantage of every visit they have with their siblings to enjoy each other?EUR(TM)s company. They are all sociable and make friends easily.

Jose Alfredo will do well with a family who is very active and likes to go out. He will benefit from a family who is able to provide structure and keep him and all of his siblings together. Jose is very affectionate, and needs a family who is very loving.