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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is a very sweet, kind, helpful, and energetic boy. He enjoys being active and staying busy. Joseph likes engaging in outdoor activities, traveling and playing on his game system. When it comes to food, he prefers sandwiches and chips, pizza, Lunchables, and sweets. He enjoys tasting all of his veggies. Joseph's favorite toys to play with are anything superhero related and his DS game. At school is favorite subjects are P.E, math, and science. One day Joseph wishes to be a police officer, to one day see a dinosaur, and also go to Sea World. He enjoys playing with Legos with others and building different structures. Joseph describes himself as being creative and cool. He can be calm at times and at other times get very excited and anxious. Joseph's interest include arts and craft, listening to music, martial arts, playing games, playing with animals, skate boarding, playing soccer, writing, playing football, and watching movies. He loves to talk and spend time with family. Joseph enjoys the holidays and being able to share those times with others. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Joseph will benefit from a strong and patient two parent family. He will also do well in a home with a single mom who is very strong and able to provide a structured environment, or with a single dad who will help him learn to be responsible for his actions and behaviors. He needs a family who will provide consistency and structure. Joseph needs a family who will be willing to slowly transition him into their home with understanding that the family dynamics will need to be taught.