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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Juan is an intelligent, resilient youth who keeps a positive attitude. Although he has faced many obstacles, he continues to thrive and remain optimistic about his circumstances. He is very considerate and has a positive attitude and outlook about life. Juan is very respectful and shows regards for the feelings, well-wishes and rights of others. He is very inquisitive and shows a strong desire to learn and to try new things. He enjoys being around people and playing all types of sports with his peers. His favorite sports include basketball and football. Juan likes to be outdoors riding his bike or on his skateboard. He is very creative and has strong passions regarding art and drawing. This allows him to express himself in a positive manner and demonstrates his inventiveness and use of his imagination.

Juan's forever family will provide unconditional love and stability. He would benefit from a home where behavioral expectations are clear and consistent and behavioral interventions are predictable. His family will provide him comfort and be understanding. Juan's family will be outgoing and does many activities.

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