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Malakai from Texas



from Texas

Malakai is a happy teenager. He enjoys playing independently and loves to maintain a neat and organized room and home. He is a charismatic youth who is cautious around people he does not know, but he will seek hugs from those he trusts. Some of his favorite activities include swinging, sight-seeing on long walks, and playing with string-like objects that he can manipulate with his hands and in the air. He is a generally a good-natured child. Malakai communicates with gestures and vocal or behavioral cues. Malakai likes to hold hands with those with whom he is comfortable. He is a good eater and loves a wide range of foods such as chicken nuggets, bananas, cookies, and vegetables. He can become frustrated when his normal routine is changed or when he is told it is time to stop doing something he enjoys.

Malakai is anxiously awaiting his forever family! The family for Malakai will understand his abilities. He needs an educational setting that works with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The right family for Malakai will have patience and a great understanding of children.

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