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Mia from Texas



from Texas

Mia is often happy, and very active. She is often walking or somehow moving. She enjoys having different hands on activities, especially anything crafty such as working with clay, painting, and coloring. She would be excited to try different art supplies and styles if given the chance. She is happy when she can enjoy a popsicle after running around on a hot summer day. Some of her favorite meals include Lasagna and fruit. She likes to help around the home and likes cats. In school, Mia gets along with her peers and teachers. Her favorite subjects in school are Social Studies and Math, she does not care for Science and Reading. She gets good grades and has the ability to excel further with the proper support. Mia is working on accepting responsibility for her actions. At times, she can become easily distracted.

Mia's forever family will provide structure for her. Mia's family will provide great structure, with great patience. Her family will be flexible and provide her with their undivided attention. She would love to have a pet, especially if it were her own cat.

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