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Mickelyon from Texas



from Texas

Mickelyon likes to be called "Mickey" for short. He can be quiet and shy when you first meet him, but opens up once he is comfortable with you. Mickey is a bright, kind, and sensitive child. He has many interest including wrestling and football. In fact, Mickey's dream is to be a professional football player for the Pittsburg Steelers. Like many children, he also loves to spend time playing video games and watching TV. Mickey can be found playing football and other sports outside. He can be strong-willed at times and does not like to feel pressured into things. Overall, Mickey has a laid back personality. He likes feeling loved and knowing someone who truly loves him and will protect him is there for him.

Mickelyon would like to have a family with both a mother and a father. He hopes for a family who enjoy participating in activities together and will encourage him to play sports. His family will provide structure and a safe environment for him. He needs a loving home with a great deal of understanding and patience which also has rules and structure, without being overly strict. Mickey has a bright future ahead of him with caring adult guidance.